Each year, Indiana Philanthropy Alliance (IPA) surveys Indiana community foundations that promote youth philanthropy. This information is used to better understand the work and impact of youth philanthropists in Indiana, and gives insight into youth philanthropic trends.

Held within a community foundation, a youth council is typically made up of students from area high schools who are engaged in philanthropic service by supporting the work of the foundation through grantmaking and volunteerism. Youth council members assess community needs and have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, becoming contributors to the success of their community through the giving of time, talent, and treasure.

Out of the 25 total community foundation youth programs, 23 foundations representing 24 counties participated in IPA’s 2019 survey. This includes 20 traditional youth councils and 3 school-based programs. Not all respondents answered each question. View the full results of the survey.

2019 Results at a Glance

  • More than 25% of Indiana’s counties have a formal youth council made up of more than 500 students
  • Indiana community foundations hold $1.85 million in endowed funds to support long-term sustainability of local youth philanthropy
  • 180 grants were awarded at an average of $757 each ($136,322 total)
  • Notable grantmaking projects include funding to create job training for individuals with mental disabilities, funding for for a suicide prevention seminar, and funding to redecorate a special education “calming room”
  • Notable service projects include co-hosted game nights open to community youth, playing with child residents of a local homeless shelter, and volunteering at a prom for developmentally disabled youth and adults

“…Together, through various service projects, team-building activities, and grants to support community projects, we have not only built life-long friendships but have also cemented a lasting common belief in supporting our community through philanthropy.”

—Indiana Youth Philanthropist