Youth Philanthropy Training and Consulting

YPII offers innovative and comprehensive training and consulting for youth philanthropy councils, nonprofit organizations, schools, foundations and youth-serving organizations.  Training is customized to the organization’s needs and costs are kept at reasonable rates for non-profits.  For more details, please contact Julie Markland, Program Associate, at 317.630.5200 (ext. 122) or email:

Sample of Training Topics

Youth Philanthropy 101

This interactive workshop focuses on the impact that youth can have in their community and identifies many ways that they can give of their time, talent and treasure. Fun, hands-on activities and engaging discussions help youth understand how they can make a difference and be a philanthropist in today’s world.

Key Audiences: Youth and Adult Mentors/Instructors, Youth ages 5-18 (youth groups, afterschool programs, schools classrooms, youth councils, faith-based organizations, and summer camps).

Civic Engagement through Youth Philanthropy

Civic engagement is a natural next step when a young person learns to serve and give. Youth leaders will identify the needs as well as the assets of their communities. This session will explore how youth can inspire and ignite community-wide civic engagement through their philanthropy programs.

Key Audiences: Youth and Adult Leaders (This training is suggested as a follow-up to Youth Philanthropy 101 and is recommended for established programs.)

The Big Picture of Fundraising

Help youth understand the full spectrum of raising funds for their programs and communities. Participants will explore the various stages involved with a total fundraising effort; beginning with a community fundraising event and progressing to a fund development plan. Activities include the fundraising steps of planning, budgeting, and marketing as well as developing an elevator speech for youth to approach community donors and leaders.

Key Audiences: Adult Program Leaders and Youth involved with existing youth philanthropy programs.

Building a Youth Philanthropy Program

Young people have intelligence, creativity, energy and strength; yet they are often seen as the recipients of community building, rather than the architects. This informative workshop focuses on key building blocks to creating a youth philanthropy program that best fits your community. Join YPII to review best practices and examples of successful youth philanthropy models.

Key Audiences: Community Leaders, Adults Mentors/Program Instructors, Youth Leaders, Community Foundation Staff/Board, Youth-Serving Organizations

Weaving the Thread of Philanthropy into the Fabric of Your Program

Are you interested in incorporating youth philanthropy concepts into your existing programs, but not sure where to start? This workshop introduces initial concepts of philanthropy and builds on the idea that all youth can be philanthropists. Walk away with ideas and resources to enhance your existing programs and service projects.

Key Audience: Adult Program Leaders, Community Foundation Staff/Board, Youth-Serving Organizations, Faith-Based Organizations, Foundations

Youth Philanthropy Resource – Phil’s Gift Box

Explore YPII’s Gift Box resource, Phil and His Family’s Adventures In Giving, and learn how it can be used in after-school and community programs, a classroom setting, by families, and as a mentoring tool for high school students. Discover how Phil Anthropy and his friends can introduce “serving and giving” to youth through creative hands-on games, activities, and thoughtful discussion. Walk away with your own copy of the Gift Box resource to use with your youth programs.

Key Audiences: Adult Program Leaders, Youth Leaders (Jr. High and High School Students)

Webinar Series

Youth Philanthropy Initiative of Indiana’s 4-part webinar series is designed to promote next-gen giving and youth engagement. These enlightening sessions feature local and national experts on the topics of service learning and project based volunteerism, youth grantmaking, youth leadership, and tips for engaging youth in philanthropy.

This series incorporates YPII’s 4-pillar model (Serving, Giving, Leading, and Engaging) to explain the progression youth take from caring within their families to engaging others in their communities. Participants will receive real-world examples and resources they can integrate into their foundations and youth-serving organizations.